Xiao Liu

Xiao Liu, 刘虓

Position: Graduate student
Office: 42 Gilman
Email: xiao_liu AT berkeley.edu

Hobbies: weight lifting, live music, (classical Chinese) poetry

Education & Training

B.S. in Chemistry (2020)
Beijing Normal University
Advisor: Zhendong Li

Post-baccalaureate Research Associate (2021)
New York University, Shanghai
Advisor: William Glover

Research Interests

Broadly speaking, general electronic structure methodology development. More specifically, I’m currently implementing computational tools for molecular NMR spectroscopy into Q-Chem.

Selected Publications

Link to my Google Scholar page

First Author

  1. Conical Intersections in Solution with Polarizable Embedding: Integral-Exact Direct Reaction Field
    X. Liu†, A. Humeniuk†, W. J. Glover*
    Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 2022, 18, 11, 6826–6839

Contributing Author

  1. Efficient Calculation of NMR Shielding Constants Using Composite Method Approximations and Locally Dense Basis Sets (with ACS Editors’ Choice distinction)
    J. Liang†, Z. Wang†, J. Li, J. Wong, X. Liu, B. Ganoe, T. Head-Gordon, M. Head-Gordon*
    Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 2023 (in press)