Stephen Jon Du Quiton

Stephen Jon Du Quiton

Position: Graduate student
Office: 42 Gilman
Email: stephen.quiton AT
LinkedIn: link

Hobbies: playing guitar, running/working out, video games, (re)learning Tagalog


B.S. in Chemical Engineering, B.A. in Applied and Computational Mathematics (2022)
University of Southern California
Advisor: Shaama M. Sharada

Research Interests

Method development for the electronic structure theory of solids and materials


Link to my Google Scholar page

First Author

  1. Toward Efficient Direct Dynamics Studies of Chemical Reactions: A Novel Matrix Completion Algorithm
    Quiton, S.J.*, Chae J.*, Bac S., Kron K., Mitra U., Sharada, S. M.
    Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 2022
  2. A matrix completion algorithm to recover modes orthogonal to the minimum energy path in chemical reactions
    Quiton, S.J., Mitra U., Sharada, S. M.
    The Journal of Chemical Physics 2020, 153 (5), 054122

Contributing Author

  1. Kinetics and mechanistic details of bulk ZnO dissolution using a thiol–imidazole system
    Koskela, K.M., Quiton, S.J., Sharada, S. M., Williams, T. J., Brutchey, R.L.
    Chemical Science 2022,13, 3208-3215
  2. A matrix completion algorithm for efficient calculation of quantum and variational effects in chemical reactions
    Bac S., Quiton, S.J., Kron K., Chae J., Mitra U., Sharada, S. M.
    The Journal of Chemical Physics 2022, 156 (18), 184119.