Richard Kang

Richard (Sunkyu) Kang

Position: Graduate student
Office: 46 Gilman
Email: richard.kang AT

Hobbies: Cooking, Exploring coffee varieties, Binge watching random Youtube videos


B.A. in Chemistry (2019)
Cornell University
Advisor: Robert DiStasio Jr. & Melissa A. Hines

Research Interests

Electrochemistry at the Liquid-Solid Interface
Relativistic quantum chemistry


Link to my Google Scholar page

Contributing Author

  1. Relativistic Orbital Optimized Density Functional Theory for Accurate Core-Level Spectroscopy
    Cunha L*., Hait D.*, Kang R., Mao Y., Head-Gordon M.
    Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 2022 13 (15),  3438-3449.